A Duluth Cooperative Ministry

Our Mission

Duluth Co-Op is:
A Place Where...
The resources of the Duluth area churches, community and merchant organizations provide for effective, efficient ministry to our neighbors in need.
A Place Where... 
Those with painful difficulties and overwhelming problems find solace, support and solutions.
A Place Where... 
The Christian community of Duluth and Gwinnett County puts faith into action.
Purpose Statement
The purpose of Hands of Christ Duluth Cooperative Ministry is to utilize the resources of the community as a Christian Cooperative to glorify God and demonstrate Christ’s love by ministering to the material and spiritual needs of those in crisis.
Duluth Cooperative is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation that is open to all without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, age or physical handicap.




Non-Profit 501c(3)


Hands of Christ
A Duluth Coopertive Ministry
P.O. Box 1974
3395 Fox St. Building 101
Duluth GA. 30096
email: duluthcoop@peoplepc.com